About A.K.S Engineering.

A.K.S Engineering is a family owned business, which was established in August 1999. The Director in charge is Arthur Salahas followed by his son Sam Salahas. A.K.S Engineering has a Quality Certification, which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 by Sai Global. A.K.S primarily specialize in manufacturing high quality of precision components and tooling for all type of applications and industries.


A.K.S Engineering specialize in a wide variety of engineering services which include CNC Milling, CNC Tuning and Welding. The materials that are used to manufacture products range from Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium and a variety of Plastics. A.K.S manufactures all types of components ranging from Large to small that are widely used in the following Industries: Automotive, Mechanical, Medical, Electrical, Electronics, Heavy Transport, Spectrometer and Hardware including Aero-Space.

Product Range.

A.K.S manufacture a variety of precise components ranging in all shapes and sizes with different dimensions to fit into any application. All components are constructed using a wide range of certified materials to withstand all types of conditions. Each individual component is measured to the exact measurements taken from final drawing stage. Our Products range from Hydraulic fittings to components utilized in the medical industry.

Industrial CNC Machines.

At A.K.S we have a full CNC workshop that includes a wide range of industrial CNC machines. These machines enable the production of high quality precise components that fit into any type of application and specific to our clients needs. These hi-tech machines are programmable to modify any type of material to the exact measurements.

“ High-precision CNC lathe able to flexibly handle various workpieces. Powerful turning capabilities and outstanding milling performance equipped with CELOS + MAPPS V to perform machining from simple to complex shaped components. ”

Our Work

At A.K.S we work directly with all of our clients to gain a greater understanding of the product and its application. By working closely with our clients enables us to create components that fit directly into the application.

Our Team

Our staff members are trained professionals qualified in operating all of our hi tech CNC machines and tools. They take pride in their work ensuring that all projects are completed in the specified time frame and all components match the specified measurements taken from our clients.