A Complete CNC Workshop Equipped With Machinery To Produce High Quality Precise Engineering Components.

At A.K.S we have a variety of industrial CNC machines, which enables us to produce high quality components, and products that fit any type of application specific to our clients needs. We also work closely with our clients to modify the design in order to achieve a more refined and efficient product for their needs.

Horizontal & Vertical CNC Milling Specifications.

Horizontal Milling Machines

  • 4-axis horizontal twin pallet-machining center 400 X 400 Pallet sizes
  • 4-axis vertical machining center travel – X 1625. Y 850. with 4th axis
  • 3-axis vertical machining center travel – X 1000. Y 550.
  • CNC lathe – 600. mm swing X 1000.mm
  • CNC lathe – 450. mm swing X 550. mm 1Medical
  • Multitasking CNC Lathe 710.mm swing X 1,550 mm Between Centers
  • Okuma, Multus B400 6 AXIS Machine

Vertical Milling Machines

  • 3 and 4-axis
  • Parts can be milled up to dimension 1400mm x 700mm x 600mm
  • Parts can be milled up to 1 tonne weigh
  • Small to large volume production runs

Industrial CNC Machines.

A.K.S Engineering uses a comprehensive range of latest design CNC lathes and milling machines. These hi-tech machines can produce the highest levels of cutting and drilling solutions with accuracy and speed. These machines include 6 Star CNC Swiss-type sliding head, which specialize in producing components with both long and slender features. All of our CNC machines have inbuilt screen displays which can be programmed to perform the most advanced of tasks which include cutting materials to precise measurements.