A.K.S Engineering.

A.K.S. Engineering Pty Ltd was established in August 1999. It is an Australian owned business. The Director in charge is Arthur Salahas and the followed by his son Sam Salahas. In today’s competitive world, you not only need the latest technologies. This is especially true when it comes to working with CNC machines. We take pride in their work and have the initiative to exceed the customer’s expectations. In order to maintain this they need to have a high standard of workmanship in components, service, and flexibility on delivery times.

Quality Systems Certified.

A.K.S Engineering has a ISO 9001 certification from Sai Global in Quality Systems. This means we take pride in our work and provide an efficient turn-around time once we begin a project. Using a wide range of CNC lathes and milling machines enables us to achieve the highest levels of complexity to meet today's exacting standards of precision, speed and efficiency. All of our machines and tools are inspected regularly to ensure that performance is accurate.

Why Choose A.K.S Engineering For Your Next Project?

Australian Certified

Dedicated Skilled &
Trained Staff.

17 Years Of
Industry Experience.

CNC Machine

Strong Customer

A Wide Range Of
Enginnering Services.


Our Team

Our team comprises of 10-experienced high-qualified personal that are trained in producing high quality precision components and tooling from the final drawings stage of the project. All our Staff members are trained in operating the High tech CNC machines. They take pride in their work and pay close attention to detail.

Our Work

In every project we undertake we work extremely close with the client asking the right questions to gain a greater understanding of the product the clients needs. By following this procedure we are able to flush out any problems, which may arise during the manufacturing, stage and also complete the projects in the specified time frame without any delays.